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Tell us about your Staffing Needs

Tell us about your staffing needs below.  

We will contact you to discuss the details

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SHORT TERM - Placements for as little as a few hours or a few days.

LONG TERM - Ongoing or open-ended placements for your extended needs.  We can also handle seasonal employment and manage rotations between employment cycles.

TEMP-TO-REGULAR STAFF - The classic, "Try before you buy" approach gives you the opportunity to test new talent without a long-term commitment.

ON SITE MANAGEMENT - If your management team is spread too thin, we can step in to run temporary staff scheduling, maintain employment records, provide direct supervision and manage other HR responsibilities.  Some services are provided at no extra cost to you!

PAYROLLING - We provide workers comp, record keeping, insurance and paychecks for your hires.

DIRECT HIRES - Our talent acquisition team is available to fill your regular, full and part-time positions economically.

Powertemp Services Inc. employees are pre-qualified, skilled workers ready to prove their talent, work ethic and ability.  Many are experienced workers from the same or similar businesses to yours, having relocated to the area.  Others are available as a consequence of corporate downsizing or recent graduates from technical or trade schools.  They are interested in re-engaging their careers locally, practical training to work in a new career or simply transitioning to a new opportunity.  The experience, attitude and skill sets they bring to your company will show what our slogan, "The Power of People" stands for.  


We offer a variety of ways to fill your job vacancies through temporary or direct hires.  In addition to recruiting and placement, we handle reference, credit and criminal background checks, as well as drug testing- all consistent with your internal policy requirements.


Ask us about our hybrid model for direct-hire placements!

Success! Message received. Please give us a call to confirm your appointment. 910-452-5354

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